Why Choose Us

Why Choose Us

Brisbane Aero aims to provide a service beyond our counterparts in the industry. We are highly customer service orientated, this commitment underpins the reputation Brisbane Aero enjoys for excellence in customer service and after sales support, which ensures our customers of satisfaction and value for money.


We are proud of our reputation for the reliability and longevity of our products, our meticulous attention to detail, our desire to ensure operator safety and our commitment to minimize unscheduled maintenance and costly downtime. We believe these qualities offer the greatest benefit and satisfaction to our customers. We are well respected in the Aviation Industry and boast a vast technical knowledge of our products and the industry and offer back-up technical support during and after overhaul/repair of your engine or component.

Compliance & Regulations

Brisbane Aero Engineers overhauls and repairs light aircraft piston engines and components to the requirements of the Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority, Engine Manufacturers Overhaul Manuals, Parts Catalogues and Service Documents. The senior management of Brisbane Aero Engineers are committed to the successful implementation and maintenance of quality control systems and engage the appropriate human resources to support diligent compliance and independent auditing.

Civil Aviation Safety Authority Approvals

Approved by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the maintenance of Class A & B aircraft airframe components, piston engines and engine components up to 450KW. Part 145 Approval # R1-RS1EW CAR 30 Approval # 3200