Components & Other Services

Components & Other Services

All work carried out by Brisbane Aero Engineers is certified with an ARC CASA Form 1 Brisbane Aero Engineers standard warranty terms and conditions apply for all components and other services listed below.


We can repair/overhaul your own item or supply on exchange/outright in accordance with requirements of relevant Manufacturers Overhaul Manual. Carburettor is dismantled, cleaned, visual inspections and FPI inspections conducted, re-assembled and tested using our Carby test bench by trained staff members.

Conrod, Rocker Arm & Counterweight Machine Shop

Our machine shop specialist has had 30+ years experience in engineering and machining and is responsible for carrying out overhaul of all Crankshaft, Conrods, Rocker Arms and Counterweights on piston engines for Lycoming and Continental up to 450KW.  Our Sunnen Precision Honing machine and Cap/Rod grinder, plus our Berco Con-rod borer are used for the overhaul of Con-rods and Rocker Arms.  For the overhaul of Counterweights we use the Overbeck Internal grinder.

Crankshaft Repairs

We can carry out repairs to the forward internal bore of Lycoming Crankshafts to two different sizes, 1.930” and/or 1.940” (maximum limits) under our approved Engineering Order and in accordance with the latest AD’s and SB’s. IAW AD/LYC/102 (latest issue) and SB 505 & 530 (latest issues).

Constant Speed Unit (CSU) / Propeller Governor

We can repair/overhaul your own CSU or supply you with one on exchange/outright in accordance with original Manufacturers Overhaul Manual specifications.  These items are dismantled, cleaned, MPI and visual inspections carried out, measured and re-assembled with all new mandatory parts and thoroughly checked and tested on our Greer Governmatic Test Machine by our experienced operators.

Cylinder Repair, Overhaul & Grinding

Our services also include the overhaul and repair of cylinders, including grinding of most Lycoming, Continental, Radial and Gipsy Major Cylinders to oversize specifications.  Grinding of Cylinders is carried out on our “Power” internal cylinder grinder.  Overhaul or Repair of Cylinders includes the cylinder being dismantled, cleaned, inspected by MPI/DPI, various measurements recorded, alodined (to prevent corrosion), painted and re-assembled using all new mandatory replacement parts.  Cylinder is then pressure tested to check for any valve leakage.

Non Destructive Testing

Brisbane Aero performs Non Destructive Testing (NDT) using Fluorescent Dye Penetrant (FPI) and Magnetic Particle Inspection (MPI) with no limitations.  Besides engine parts, we can do airframe engine mounts and helicopter parts, just to name a few.  NDT work is only carried out by appropriately CASA approved NDT authority holders with endorsements for MPI/DPI.

  • Magnetic Particle Inspection is carried out on steel parts by our Lectromax 5000 machine which is used to detect cracks by magnetising the part.
  • Dye Penetrant Inspection (or Liquid) penetrant inspection is carried out on alloy parts using a U/V lamp to detect cracks.
Oil Cooler

Oil Cooler repairs are carried out under our approved Engineering Order on our Oil Cooler Flushing Rig.  This process includes thoroughly cleaning, pressure flush, pressure test, FPI and where required x-ray, weld repairs and repainting of Lycoming and Continental oil coolers.

Parts – Second Hand Serviceable

We also carry a wide range of overhauled components, cylinders and various engine spare parts and second hand serviceable parts, available on exchange or outright sale.  Parts can be sold as “OHC” overhaul condition an ARC CASA Form 1 or in “Repairable condition” for your flight maintenance organisation ready to overhaul which can be any part such as a crankcase.

Starter Adapter

We can repair/overhaul your own item or supply on exchange/outright to suit a Continental engine.  The Starter Adapter is dismantled, thoroughly cleaned and visually inspected.  Relevant inspections are carried out, dimensions are recorded, MPI & FPI is carried out on all parts and item reassembled using all new keys, circlips, washers, gaskets and Canadian Aero Manufacturing spring (BAE prefers these over the Genuine Continental items).  Item is then bench tested for free and correct operation.