Our Overhaul Formula

Our overhaul Formula

Stripping & Inspection

  • Upon arrival, photographs are taken of the engine and parts and the engine is stripped and the information is recorded on our detailed strip report forms
  • All parts are thoroughly cleaned and visual inspections carried out to identify any major wear and damage present
  • All steel parts are inspected by MPI and all alloy parts are inspected by FPI to check for any abnormal indications and cracks present
  • Oil coolers are thoroughly cleaned, pressure flushed, pressure tested and repainted (where applicable) 

Pre-Assembly Inspection

  • For customer’s own engine, after disassembly and inspection of engine, an itemised strip report is provided to advise additional items that require replacement or rework and other additional costs
  • Each engine is carefully balanced decreasing the incident of wear and tear
  • Exterior engine hardware is re-cadmium plated
  • Conrods are re-bushed, closed, honed and balanced
  • Counterweights are re-bushed and balanced to allow for no weight variations (Lycoming counterweights are machined and balanced)
  • Rocker arms are line reamed and rocker toes refaced
  • Alloy parts are bead blasted, alodined and repainted individually using 2pac enamel paint
  • Steel parts are polished, inspected and measured
  • Ultrasonic inspection is carried out on 6 cylinder Continental Crankshafts in accordance with AD/CON/82 A1 and MSB 96-10
  • Cylinders are overhauled or replaced with overhauled or new cylinders as per customer request

Engine Assembly Inspection

  • Engine components are overhauled – Magnetos, Starter, Alternator, Carburettor and Fuel Injection System, to name a few
  • All relevant rotating parts are balanced to within 2 grams (manufacturers recommendation is 14 grams)
  • Crankshaft and Camshaft tunnel checks are carried out
  • During assembly, each work stage is doubled and all work signed by an authorised employee

Ground Test Run & Post Test Inspection

  • Ground test run is carried out for a minimum of 2 hours to ensure engine performance parameters are met
  • Test run figures including oil pressure, RPM, Manifold Pressure, CHT are recorded
  • Post test run is carried out including checks for oil and fuel leaks
  • Cylinder leak down test is performed to ensure there are no leaks in cylinder valves
  • Engine is inhibited to prevent corrosion (as per customer requirements)

Final Inspection & Delivery

  • A final inspection is conducted by an authorised employee
  • Certification paperwork – Log Book and ARC CASA Form 1 is produced and signed
  • Engine and paperwork is packaged for delivery