Quick Engine Changeover to support the Exchange Service Option

Brisbane Aero offers Quick Engine Changeover – Firewall Forward which can ensure your aircraft back in the air with minimal downtime and less disruption to your income capability.

  • Customer has the option of factory new cylinder replacements or cylinders overhauled by BAE
  • Crankcases are line bored, stress relieved and certified.
  • New engine hoses and engine mounts (on most models) are installed
  • All accessories are overhauled or replaced – tested and certified
  • New baffle seals are installed
  • All external hardware is re-cadmium plated
  • We offer rebuilt exhaust’s/exchange OHC engine mount frames (where applicable)
  • Your new engine is shipped direct to the maintenance organization ready with all hoses, baffles and mounting frame attached and Ready to Simply Bolt to Your Aircrafts’ Firewall