Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a bulk strip and an engine overhaul?

A bulk strip will return your engine to service with the same calendar time as when it was removed; sometimes it is better value to overhaul your “bulk strip” engine to give it a full life again (zero time). Weighing up the benefits after receiving impartial advice will ensure your best outcome.

Why does BAE replace additional parts beyond what the Manufacturer calls for?

BAE understands that downtime is very expensive to business. With more than 30 years specialising in engine overhaul, BAE has developed an understanding of the small things that can lead to a major issue. Saving you time by providing an engine that is more likely to have a trouble free life ensures the best value.

BAE’s quote allows for more labour hours than its competitors, is that necessary?

We believe that taking the time to carefully overhaul, balance and test an engine reaps significant benefits with better performance, fuel economy and decreased wear and tear on the associated aircraft components over the lifetime of your engine.

What is a QEC?

QEC stands for Quick Engine Change. With this option, all the firewall forward components, hoses and baffles can be built up to facilitate a quick change over on the hangar floor, decreasing downtime and changeover costs.

What is our warranty on an Engine Overhaul?

Brisbane Aero warranty covers defects in our workmanship for a period of 1000 engine hours or 24 months from the date of dispatch (whichever comes first).